Aerial Dance

Aerial Performance Costumes

If you are going to do aerial dance, it’s better to get an appropriate clothing. It is for functional purpose and also for performance purpose. A suitable outfit can protect you from getting injury, allow you to move comfortably and of course bring out the most presentable side of you.

Neither for normal training nor performance, different types of aerial equipment might need different types of outfits, due to the nature of the equipment material. Poses that using different body parts in contact with the equipment can decide what kind of the outfits you should choose too.

Aerial Silks Outfits

Including any aerial arts that using fabric like aerial hammocks, aerial yoga, you must remember that fabric can cause SKIN BURNT when slide along the fabric. You can wear body tight clothing with long sleeves and long pants. Not too loose because loose clothing can run out of place when you move around the silks.

Some main body parts must be covered for example waist which involve a lot of wrapping around this area; underarm if you are doing some poses like crucifix, which the silks is under armpit area to create friction and to hold your whole body. Any area of your skin that become reddish after complete that pose you might want to cover that area as well.

Some professional can go fantastically on silks with bare skin because they can engage perfectly without letting their skin slide further from friction. I really admire them though, but safety should always come first.

Aerial Hoop Outfits

Same goes to aerial cube, aerial trapeze, the material is hard compare with soft fabric. Skin burnt seldom happen but skin scratch or bruise can happen quite often if one doesn’t take good precaution. Bruise can easily cause when you hit your body parts with the equipment although that area has been covered with clothing. You may wear thicker on that particular area to reduce the hitting impact.

For these equipments, it’s not that necessary to wear fully cover clothing but some main area like back of knee, upper/ middle/ lower back, upper part of foot can get scratch because these body parts always stuck on the equipment for friction and weight support purpose.

Other than the area that needs protection, you can have more choices on the outfits because the material of clothing you can have thinner layer or something like mesh too, as long as there are a thin layer of cloth cover the skin.

Other Aerial Fitness Outfits

Aerial strap require massive of hand strength and using a lot of wrists, you may want to protect more on the wrists part.

Pole Dance Outfits

Pole dancing always link with something very less clothing and sexy outfits, there is a reason for them to wear less. The bare skin mainly is to create friction with the pole, then only the body part can stuck there.

It is kind of opposite with aerial dance, those body parts that going to have friction must be covered, while pole dance those body parts need friction cannot be covered. We used to say this with our classmate, going advanced level in pole will wear lesser and lesser, and going advanced level in aerial will wear more and more, haha.

Intimate area is one part that we cannot ignore too, for any of the aerial dance: aerial silks, aerial hoop or pole dance. For certain poses that make you feel pain, ladies, you can consider to wear pad too (personal advice).

Any body part that you feel very pain you may put extra clothing underneath too.

Be Comfortable, Safe and Beautiful

No matter which aerial art you are doing, no matter what kind of outfits you want to wear, always ensure that the outfits you choose serve the protection purpose, so that you can move freely and happily without much pain, able continue to practice more times and makes perfect. 😀

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