Aerial Dance

Fun Activities for Adults

Aerial dancing is fun workout ideas or fun exercise ideas for adults. Not only it can be fun workouts for women, it also suitable for men, both men and women can do aerial dance.

Generally, men has more strength compare with women, thus they can do a lot of power move. If partnering up, men mostly will be the base/ support of women for different tricks or poses.

Choose the Equipment You Like

It’s like a circus! There are plenty of equipment for you to choose, aerial trapeze, aerial strap, aerial cube, aerial silks, aerials hoop and so on. It can be a solo exercise, duo, trio or even quartet. Aerial dance is like dancing which the movement involve coordination of body and at the same time building up strength like having training in gym.

Things are more fun when you can do it together with your partner. You will learn how to support and motivate each other to go further. You can feel the excitement when you and your partner talk about how sore is which part of the muscle, how many bruises you got after that certain pose, how happy you are when you unlock the trick etc.

This exercise can be done together with friends, families, or get to know new aerial friends in the studiYou are looking forward for the aerial class every week. 🙂

Be More Confident

This fun fitness activities for adults, not only benefits one in term of physical, getting more fit, more flexible and stronger, it does benefit one mentality too.

While having training or performing aerial dance, nowadays everyone will take picture of themselves or record down, to find out what moves have done correctly or wrongly.

When you see the beautiful or powerful side of yourself, you will be amaze by it. You might think, never thought that one day you could be doing all these wonderful things. But now you know that when you do it correctly and keep on practice, every move will become smoother. Everything become possible, you believe in yourself and gain the confidence. Isn’t it aerial dance a confidence building exercises for adults too?

Does it mean that kids are not suitable for this exercise? Aerial dance is actually similar like gymnastic, there are risk of getting certain injury accidentally. But another thing is that ‘aerial’ as the name said, it can go up to high, one should be mature enough to handle this and someone must be there to supervise in case if anything happen.

Regardless that you are looking for a long term exercise, or just want to try some new activities during your holiday, or you feel boring with jogging, gym, aerial dance is always an interested exercise to try out

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    1. You may join the classes and learn this through any aerial dancing studio available in your area. There are always some risks involved in any sports, be aware of what you doing and know your limit is very important!

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