Aerial Silks

Getting into Beautiful Aerial Silk Poses

Present yourself in a nice aerial silks pose is a must when you are doing aerial silks. Before getting into these poses you will need to climb the silks, invert, wrap, hold and pose.

There are plenty of poses for different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Whichever level you are, these reminders should always bear in your mind so that you can get the nicest you in that particular pose.

Finish Your Movement

There are static poses and moving poses, if you are doing the moving pose make sure that you finish all your movement.

Any moving pose including head roll, present your hand etc, please make sure that the movement do not stop half-way, roll your head to the farthest area that your head can reach and complete the circle, same goes to present the hand, make sure that the fingers are reaching the outest possible area.

Static pose requires to hold the position after bend body, back arch, extend hand or leg, stretch, center split or side split. Before getting into the pose make sure the movement is complete and continue to hold there. Most of the poses require different body parts to engage, thus when holding make sure that the muscle is engaged correc

There will be some limitation for some poses due to one’s flexibility, flexibility can always be trained. If you are getting into the right position although flexibility is not enough to reach yet, you will still look good and correct in that pose.

Point or Flex! Always and Forever!

No matter which pose or movement you are doing, once you are started with the silks, it’s either point toes or flex feet, straight leg or bend leg.

Body ratio consists of around half is leg, more or less depends on individual, thus it will be very obvious if the leg do something not right. Extend the leg nicely into a straight leg with pointed toes can really makes a different with a slightly bend leg and loose toes.

Practice Makes Perfect

So common but so true. Everything can be improved as long as you work on it. Knowing that which muscle you need to strengthen or the flexibility of which body area is not enough yet and continue to train on it will lead you to get into a nice post and present the most beautiful of you.

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