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My Journey with Aerial Dance #1

This is the ~8th years I met with aerial dance. It’s a wonderful experience throughout this journey, I really never thought that I could be doing all these. Anyway I would like to share how it has affected my life, to a greater life!

Started With..

I started with pole dancing.

I enjoy dancing since young, I joined school curriculum dancing activities once in a while, but never really have a chance to learn dancing. During and after graduated from college, I joined before belly dance class, jazz etc, but did not continue for more than few months.

Then I come across with pole dance through internet, I find it interesting so I go the studio in my area and try for the first lesson. During that time everything seems hard and impossible, anyhow I just fall in love with this fitness activities and want to find out more and more. May be is because of the chemistry when you communicate with the pole, what kind of input you give in and what kind of output you will be getting.

Me Pole 1

How I Met..

When I’m going to pole class, another part of studio is having aerial class too, I saw the silks and I find it very beautiful, I want to try aerial class too. So half year later I join aerial class and that’s how I met aerial silks and aerial hoop until today.

The connection with aerial equipment is almost similar with pole, but aerial dance can go higher in terms of height, and there are more types of equipment. Also, because of my hands easily get sweat, it’s kinda hard for pole, thus I’m doing lesser pole and more aerial.

It’s very good that the studio always provide performance chances for the students, I begin to do in-house performance until few years later doing some performance for different functions.

Aha Moment!

There are too many things that have changed after my life with aerial, the skills that I learned, the friends that I met, I’m very happy and grateful for all these.

To get the best of it, one must always understand the big picture, the big picture in aerial dance can breakdown to few smaller pieces like the equipment and you. You have to understand the behavior of the equipment, understand your own self and own body.

Example of equipment behavior will be like: in what type of situation the silks can fly nicely, how can you hold tight the silks and hold for the pose, how you rotate the hoop to give a great spin. About yourself, you will need to know how to motivate yourself to go further, how to be more discipline and keep going. All these little things can add up and contribute to a big thing, and not only it benefits when having training in aerial dance, it does affected our daily and usual life too.


This is Just the Beginning

Like what I’ve mentioned previously, remember the chemistry, the connection and you can put up a good show.

There are too many things that I would like to share, but that’s about it first for now. This is just the beginning and there are more in future!



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