Pole Dance

Pole Dance for Exercise! Yay or Nay?

Public might not be very familiar with aerial dancing, but for sure most must have heard of pole dancing.

Many have seen this dancing before in movie or music video. The pole dancer wearing less and sexy, doing body wave, dance around the pole and so on. It usually symbolize wild and sexy, may be because of the pole dance clothing.

In fact, pole dancing is actually a good exercise, not only pole dancing can be sexy, but it can also be elegance, funny, strong, anyhow the pole dancer want it to be.

Today, it has become an exercise too for more and more people. Lets us find out more about pole dance exercise.

Dance with the Pole or Dance beside the Pole?

To look sexy in pole dancing is not an easy job. Pole dancing meaning that one must use pole as an equipment and incorporate dance into it.

For beginner, pole dancing can be started with learning all the spinning tricks around pole, use own momentum to fall, spin and land on the ground to end. For intermediate and advanced level, it’s kind of similar with aerial silks or aerial hoop. From strength, flexibility to poses, techniques like climb, invert, knee hook, doing all the tricks aerially.

I can still remember the feeling when I first learn how to spin and climb, it feels great and it’s fun!

There are two types of pole, static pole and spinning pole. On a static pole you will need to make yourself spin while on a spinning pole, as you hold tight the pole and bring momentum, the pole will bring you to spin together.

Some body parts cannot be covered with clothes because the skin needs to be in contact with pole, create friction and stuck on the pole, especially body parts like knee, waist, armpit. Sometimes, friction can help one to have more holding power if strength is not built up yet. You may wear fully covered like image below but you will be using a lot of arms strength to do all the tricks.

Pole Dancing Exercise

Pole dance is a fitness activity, it’s like a gymnastic bar in vertical version. The pole can be used for warm up too, to do pull up and push up, to do arching and stretching.

There are a few items that need to take note for pole dancing:

1. Sweat. Most of the pole are stainless steel and it does not absorb water. Sweaty hand palm, sweaty body can cause slippery, sliding. Thus, for those that have this problem, in the market there are quite a lot choices of dry hand liquid to solve this issue. It cannot entirely solve this problem but it does helps to extend the period for sweat secretion and prolong holding time.

2. Bruise. I mentioned before in previous post: pole, hoop, cube, they are hard. If you hit it, you will get bruise. If you hit it hard, you will get big and deep bruise. It’s hard to avoid bruise, just be more careful to avoid hitting and treat the bruise correctly afterwards.

3. Skin pain. Some might have this issue because of the skin friction created with the pole. Those that not used with this kind of friction will feel pain. This can be slowly overcome with more practice.

Yay or Nay?

Pole dance for exercise! It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s sense of achievement, so it’s definitely a yay for me!

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