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What is Aerial Silks? When Dance and Fitness Meet Together

Aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial trapeze, all these terms are getting recognize by more and more crowd today. Maybe you’d heard this before but unsure what is it actually, so let us continue going through this and understand further.

So what is Aerial Silks?

There are more acts other than those mentioned on the above, aerial hammock, aerial cube, aerial strap etc, all these are considered as aerial art/ dance.

The user that using these equipments are known as aerialist, they will be doing tricks with the equipment up in the air, and It’s like dancing in the air. However, it requires a great number of strength, stamina, flexibility, courage to looks good up there.

Aerial Silks Nowadays

Aerial Silks, some named as Aerial Contortion, Aerial Ribbons, Aerial Tissues or Aerial curtains. With the long fabric hanging from the ceiling, aerialist can climb, wrap and drop using it. The continuous movement with the silks create a dance routine, incorporate with song to give a bombastic performance.

The height can go up to 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 m), aerialist will need to climb up, wrap themselves into different beautiful poses, spinning, twisting, and whoola! Drop whenever ready.

Who can Aerial Silks?

In general, playing with all the aerial equipment require certain strength and flexibility to get into the correct position and nicest pose. For my personal experience, aerial silks will need more stamina compare with other equipment like hoop or cube, due to the stretchiness of fabric. This can lead to lesser resting time and therefore whole body especially forearm can be very tired and tight because a lot of the time hand is used to pull oneself up.

Anyhow, this exercise is suitable most of the people with or without dancing or exercise background. For those without dancing or exercise experience, you will need to start slower by build up own strength and flexibility first. Different poses or moves require different level of strength and flexibility.

While you are learning all the tricks you will slowly build up the needed strength and flexibility, so do not need to worry too much about not enough energy or body is stiff. Remember that everything can be trained.

Most of the aerial dance equipment can play by two or more people, and this require a lot of practice to achieve the tacit understanding between each other. When doing with partner, you can have more combination of poses too!

Play safe with Aerial Silks

Aerial silks involve plenty of wrapping and it can go up to very high which no one able to help or save you when you are up there. Thus please always be careful and be aware of what you are doing, make sure that safety mats is always place during training, do not go up high if you are still not familiar with the wrap or not confident enough to do it. Partner should always spot and remind each other.

Enjoy with Aerial Dancing!

Aerial silks is a very beautiful and fun thing to play with, you will love it more and more every time you unlock a new trick, however everything needs practice, when you see yourself in a nice pose with aerial silks you will feel that all the hard work does pay off!

8 thoughts on “What is Aerial Silks? When Dance and Fitness Meet Together

  1. My daughter did some aerial fitness last year in summer camp. She loved it. Thanks for sharing all this as it has given me more insight into the activity and a peace of mind if she decides she wants to do it again this year.

  2. Hi
    I’ve seen aerial silks show by Cirque de Glace in Vegas which surprised me, the aerial dancing looks so elegant and beautiful. I’d like to give it a try but it must be hard to learn:(

    1. So good that you watched that show before, I wish that I can watch it soon one day!
      Everything can be trained it just takes time. Just give it a try, it might be tiring but it’s so satisfying! 😀

  3. I’ve seen performances of this. I always thought one must go through years of training and be an expert acrobat. Now, I learn that anyone can do this. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I never really knew much about this dance/fitness style. I have enjoyed watching performances by acrobats who do this in the past, so it’s great to find out a little bit more about this style.

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